Lease Info

Lease Terms
Lease Length Options We have a range of lease terms to meet your needs. We offer 7-15 month lease terms, and the price range is based on lease length and specific move-in date. We offer a short-term renewal option at the end of your lease for an additional fee.
Rent Payments For your convenience, all rent and utility payments will be made via Automatic Clearing House (ACH) debit. This is the easiest, no-hassle way to ensure your rent is paid on time.
Security Deposit Security deposits or holding fees are refundable when certain criteria are met.  Ask the leasing team for details.
Liability Coverage Liability Coverage is required to live at our community, the minimum amount of liability coverage must be $100,000.00 and Village of Pennbrook 2 LLC must be listed as an additional insured.
Early Departure or Transfers
Military Service If you are active military and receive PCS or deployment orders, we’ll be glad to release you from your lease. All we need is 30-day notice and a copy of the orders.
Roommates If a new roommate moves in, he or she must fill out an application and qualify.  If a roommate moves out, the remaining leaseholder will need to re-qualify.
Subletting We do not allow subletting of apartments.
*The above terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Nothing herein in any way constitutes an offer to lease or a promise or guaranty that an applicant will be offered a lease. Qualification for a lease is subject to each applicant completing an application for residency, meeting all applicable leasing requirements of landlord and executing all applicable lease documents.